Thursday, 24 February 2011

My Body!

Well, not mine personally... but all our bodies! They are beautiful. This poster has been made to take the "ugly" out of bodily functions and to make it fun to learn about the functions of our organs. I'm naming the boy Theo and the girl I'm naming after Theo's lovely little friend Emily.


It's been a while... I thought I'd best show some new work. Ever since our first son was born we have been telling him this troll story where he himself has the leading part and it's now gone to the point where every body in the family is involved. Over the years we have brought over a hand full of trolls to life. Our Trolls live in the old forest of Tiveden in Sweden. We've been to their caves, walked on their paths and swum in their lakes. Once they came on holiday to England and camped in our garden, but that story we were asked never to tell again. Best to keep the trolls further away, not let them get too close...