Friday, 19 February 2010

Flower dreams...

This would cheer me up in the morning! I'd like this pattern on a dressing gown. Would make me jump out of bed!


  1. Oh my godness,that is beautiful!!
    Love the colours and pattern!
    I was thinking wrapping-paper when I first saw it.
    A lovely big gift with a bright blue big bow would do over that nice pattern......

    I could sense spring in the air today by the way.
    A sniff of warmer days to come.Hopefully...

    Have a lovely weekend !:)

  2. Oh, that first spring feeling is so wonderful! If only we could bottle it!

    Wrapping paper would be good too, and notebooks.
    I just have this vision of a kimono style dressing gown in this pattern, and wearing it sipping tea in the garden... Aaaahhh... ;)


  3. I can definitley picture that ,sounds beautiful !:)
    I`ll be first in the que to by one,if that idea comes to life ;):)