Saturday, 16 April 2011

Hello Book!

Went in to London to meet the publishers of "my" book, face to face. ( Obviously not just mine, lots of people involved.) We had met before, over a colourless Skype connection and Claudette and Anemarieke looked very chic in the nippy London morning. I went on into Earls Court to see the book sitting there, on a shelf, at the London Book fair. My heart made a little jump. Hello Book!


  1. how very exciting!

    What is it about??

    looks gorgeous!!
    :) Amy xx

  2. Hi Amy!
    The book is full of gift vouchers that you can use in a relationship. " Thank you for making me coffee in bed, I owe you a..." Sorry I was late, I owe you a..." " If you don't clean up you'll owe me a pair of new shoes..."

    That kind of thing! So very useful for any woman! :)